How should I use Apologia?!


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I have three kiddos two who are only one year apart. I’m planning on using Apologia for science next year and thinking of putting them in the same books. But, I also have a 6-year-old who will also be using Apologia for science. At first, I was thinking of using BJU science for the older kids and Apologia only for the little one. What I want to know is with which book should I start for the little one and which should I used for the older ones which will be 12 and 13. I also would like to know if Apologia gives tests to the elementary levels?

Thank you as always for your guidance

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Hi @Jazmin,

I think with the older children you would want to consider what they have already learned in Science and then choose a topic they haven’t really delved into or perhaps do one of their General Science books.

For your little one, I find Apologia a bit advanced even at the Elementary level. I think I would start with something they would be more likely to want to know more about, such as Astronomy. With the young child you don’t need to do everything in the book, you can add some fun activities or projects, such as making a jet pack out of a cereal box and caps, plastic cups, etc. It would be more about getting them acquainted with the subject and perhaps doing a lapbook or a notebook. I don’t remember any tests being given but there are questions and lots of opportunities to cement the information learned.