How Much Do You Spend?

So, I’m trying to decide on 3rd grade curriculum. Piecing together items, boxed curriculums…I’m finding my cost to be around $450-$650 on average for books/programs for one child. Thankfully, my second is in Kindergarten this year and I have most of her stuff already. I’m facing a bit of sticker shock for 3rd because I’m used to getting away with $300 or less. It’s an investment…I understand that. :slight_smile: Just wondering how much you all typically spend per child on curriculum as they hit 3rd and older?

For curriculum I spent $300 for 1 st grade. Buy I spend about $ 200 more this year on field trips, supplies, and extras that we want to try. So for this year we’ll spend $500 for a1st great and preschooler.

I think I’m just facing sticker shock because this is books only…not even supplies or extras! I still have to buy a bunch of supplies, including bookshelves and stuff that I’ve been putting off. This will be a very expensive year homeschooling for us…but cheaper than private school, haha! @bttrflynthesky

I’ve been blessed with finding good free curriculum that is available for Preschool. My problem has been spending on “great bargin finds” at Target in the dollar zone, or at our local book store. I spend $5 here and $10 there on $1 workbooks, or clearanced construction paper. I need to watch, or it will be a downward spiral.

I miss those days. Preschool is so much fun and you really can do it cheaply! I’ve found used stuff for Kindergarten this coming year for my middle child, and some great supplemental workbooks. I guess 3rd grade is a bit more “hard core” than the previous years and therefore costs more (understandably so). I want them to get a fantastic education so I’m ok with it…just hurts the pocketbook. I am looking on eBay and forums and will keep an eye for used sales. The biggest problem this particular year is that our local curriculum sale is in August and we are starting our new year in June since I’m having a baby in August and want to take a month or so off then instead of in the summer.@FraggleMom

I read somewhere to have about $500 average per child. This year I will spend just over $1000 on 3 children because I’m trying some new programs all at the same time that are higher ticket items, and even with that I am keeping the price down because I am not buying all the recommended bells and whistles. It depends what program you decide to use for your family for the year. I have had a couple years where I spent $500 on 2 children with extra books and character curriculum etc… and then a couple years ago it was about $1000 for 2 children without any extras. This year I am going to use the extra I budgeted for trips and supplies etc… :slight_smile:

We mostly use BJU…love it, but…you don’t want to know what we spend! I don’t even think I know. LOL, it’s a lot. But, in the past I’ve borrowed/traded teacher books from friends and, of course, get used whenever able.


My daughter is in 3rd this year and I spent about $320 on her curriculum. I’m lucky because I have a close friend that has a son 1 year older so I buy some things from her when she is done. The only things I bought brand new were Math, (Teaching Textbooks) History,(The Story of the World), and Typing(Typing Instructor Platinum). The rest was bought used. Not sure how much we spent on actual supplies. We go a little crazy at back to school shopping time! And then we continue to buy school supplies throughout the school year! :smile: We are a little obsessed!

I do the same thing with supplies. I don’t even count that in my amount, haha! I was just wondering for curriculum/main books you get to get you started before the year starts.

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Oh…I love BJU but can’t afford their entire curriculum, especially since we will have 4 to buy for at some point (although I realize I can re-use some things). I am planning on using their English curriculum this year, though. My aunt is letting me borrow her teacher’s manual so I only have to buy the other stuff.

Way. Too. Much! I start the year with a plan, but we do so many experiments and crafts during the year that a HUGE amount of extra money goes into materials for these activities - much more than we plan on at the beginning of the year. The basic curriculum materials (books, work books, etc) - I just always get caught up in the extras - art supplies, experiment stuff, etc… oh well - at least we have fun :slight_smile:

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We are doing Abeka K4. I bought everything they offered (except Language Development Visuals which I didn’t even know about, but wish I had.) and spent $391 with the 25% materials display discount. The only thing I wish I had not bought is the set of big blend ladders. The large Bible memory verse picture cards are somewhat unnecessary, but we do like them.

The prices go up with each grade. I have one child in 5th grade and the other in 12th. I spend between $600-$1000 on each child per year. I use Sonlight for my core curriculum so I am able to pass down most of the material to my younger son. I still by a separate bible (Grapevine), separate math (math u see), hands on activities like Homeschool in the Woods Project Passport and a few other extras each year.
Even though I spend that much I do resell anything I will not use again in the summer time. I usually do very well and make back a large portion of the money.

I recommend whether you plan on reselling one day or passing materials down to another child to keep your materials in good condition. (I don’t let books lie around or be left on the floor-everything gets put back into its spot after it is read).


@purplecurls27 Yes, we do too. Just about every subject of BJU I love. I think that’s awesome you are able to borrow from your aunt. Get whatever you can used, it really does help so much. With 3 kids - one using all online (7th), I think we spent about $1,500 for this year. It’s not too bad when you compare with Christian private school.

We are eclectic with our curriculum. Probably $400

I use BJU english and Science. I bought their english used on ebay for $18. It included the teachers manual and activity book with the first 7 lessons completed. I would try ebay if you can. I have been able to find some great deals on there. I spent way to much last year so this year I am trying to spend around $500 for my third grader. I am starting now looking at ebay for used curriculum. I was able to find horizons math 3 for half off on ebay beacuse of a damaged box. The curriculum was new. I have saved a couple hundred dollars doing this so far.

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@Lovinsid - I totally agree! Have found some great deals also at used curriculum fairs and ebay, like you mentioned. Some people just give it away. :smile:

Wow, girls. I guess I am cheap. I could never afford to spend much on curriculum so I am here to tell you it can be done cheap. If you have a printer and computer which I guess I never figured into school cost because we would have them if we homeschooled or not. But I found I loved Math U See so that is all I really spend $ on. It ran us about a 160 a year for the teacher book and student book. The first year a bit more for blocks. If you are really frugal you can reuse student books too. Then sell them when you are done.
Most everything else I found online or for cheap at bookstores or homeschool coop sales. The library was always a great resource. I’ve been schooling two girls for years and really though out the year probably only spend about 200 a year.

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I use BJU too. I order a lot from Ebay and Amazon to help cut down the cost.

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Oh man, glad I’m not the only one who has a Target clearance hoard ! Lol

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