How much did your dc's braces cost?

Ds is about to be 12. Dh and I figure braces are coming up soon. How much did you pay for your dc’s braces?


Hey - our kids don’t have braces… YET! They are still too young - 5 and 7, but just a few weeks ago, when we were at the dentist, I had the office woman ask the in-house orthodontist what the approximate price of braces are these days (we want to begin saving $$ now). The orthodontist said that, depending on the work needed, it typically costs $3k - $4k, sometimes upwards of $5k if there is a lot of structural work to be done outside the norm. We are going to slowly save up the money for both kids, but if we’re lucky, they won’t need braces (unlikely!!) and we can take a trip instead :slightly_smiling:

My son is 12 and has been under ortho care since he was 9. He had to have a lot of work done as he had a lot of spacing issues. He had to have a spacer for about a year and then actual braces for a little over a year and now he wears a retainer every night. Our orthodontist told us that he will still require some work after he loses all of his teeth and they grow back in. All that being said, it cost us around $3500 but that doesn’t include the second phase which we haven’t priced yet. Our daughter will probably need some work as well but it won’t be as intensive as my son. My ortho did tell me that all cases are different and pricing does depend on how much work is required.

In our area (rural MN), $5000 is the base price. If they need extensive work, it could be more.

The range is 5K-7K here.

We live in a small town and it was almost $7,000 here :anguished:! We are going to our Pediatric Dentist in the Cities where it is $4,200 I think. Much cheaper and worth the drive. They are amazing and then we just make the days of the dentist our field trip days and go to the Science Museum etc.

Stage one has been 2500 so far. Our insurance didn’t cover it, so it’s possible they gave us a discount for paying it ourselves.

Your dentist would be the one to determine whether your child needs braces. They most likely would be able to refer you to an orthodontist (at least to get the ball rolling). If you’ve already determined you do need braces, then shop around just as you would for any other high-end purchase. What’s included, vs. NOT included with each quote you receive, interview your potential orthodontist - meet the front desk staff… you’ll be working with these people for a while, make sure you get a “good feeling” from the ortho & the staff! My eldest son has had his braces on for a little over two years - his situation was extreme by comparison to my younger daughter and younger son. Hind-sight, we waited to long to take action. My eldest is 14yr and he now has “full set-top & bottom” (we only started with the top braces though). We were charged $3k. That’s the total amount - Regardless of how long it takes to completion. Adjustment appointments average every 6 weeks+/-. My daughter (12yr) was $1,700 and now my younger 7yr old son is $1k. We determined his teeth were coming in “crowded” just like the older son, so to help “make room” we chose to get braces NOW to be pro-active, rather than wait until it’s a situation that needs correction like my older son. So you see, it all depends on the amount of time/work the orthodontist will need to invest in your child. But like I said, price around, get referrals… and do INTERVIEWS!! This is a large investment you’re making! Also, if you plan on financing - talk about that during the interview as well. My orthodontist does offer financing… AND DOES NOT CHARGE INTEREST!! For the record, I’m in the East Bay area of California… If you’re close, I’d be happy to offer a referral for our orthodontist. Blessings!