How many hours of school do you do with your preschooler?

We usually do about 4-5 days a week for an hour or two maybe. That’s mostly because she has older siblings so she’s in the school room with us anyway.

Typically she gets 5-6 boxes on M,W & F. On T and Th, she gets 3-4
boxes of fun games, or motor skills stuff. I try to vary the skill sets she completes each day, if you’re using my Letter of the Week you’ll see that they do a little of each skill everyday.

It goes quickly though and she can be done within about an hour or two. If she has a short attention span that day, I usually save the remaining activities for the next day. No need to burn her out in preschool right?

How many hours per week do you do school with your preschooler?


I don’t always specifically work with my preschoolers on “school.” Sometimes an older brother or sister will spend time working with a younger sibling. Or sometimes the younger ones will be apart of what the older ones are doing. It is amazing how much little ones can pick up! When I do sit down with my preschoolers we probably spend 1-2 hours working throughout the day! Preschoolers are at such a fun stage! It is hard not spending all day watching them learn and explore the world around them!

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I do about an hour or two with my 4yo M-F. She loves working in her notebook.

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For now we do 2-3 days for maybe an hour but next year I will be increasing it to 2-3 days for 2 hours with more structured calender, math, and early literacy activities. Of course, every day is filled with teachable moments that we take advantage of!

I typically do about an hour or less with my preschooler. She used to love to sit and do school type stuff for a long time. Now she would rather be doing something else so I have to try and keep that love for learning in her. We are very relaxed and children learn through just about anything they do.

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I do 1-2 hours a day 5 days a week. It may be more or less depending on my daughters attention span and how long it takes her to complete a lesson.

How old were your kiddos when you started the letter of the week program?

Our PreKer does about an hour of work with me in the morning. We are using 1+1+1=1’s Raising Rock Stars Preschool along with Sonlight P4/5 with K readers. She is our 2nd oldest and her personality for learning is SO much different than our oldest! She is like a little sponge that is so excited about learning anything and everything. Even though she is 3 yrs younger than our oldest I see her already starting to give him a ‘push’ to try to stay ahead of her, which is good for him for sure! She also loves listening in on her older brother’s 2nd grade material from time to time. She loves working on Reading Eggs too and is getting a really good start on reading!

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We do one hour a day, four days a week. She wants to do more but I work full time and have three other kids. Recently, we didn’t do school one day and she was in tears so when my 10 and 8 year olds got home they helped me teach her. They all loved it so much that I think we might have school once a weekend so that everyone can get involved.

My preschooler will be 5 next week, but she’s behind in many areas. This is due to her medical history. She struggles with fine motor skills. We’re still learning letters and numbers, and we focus on FMS like cutting and drawing shapes. We spend about 30 - 45 minutes 3-5 times per week with her. We do lots of reading aloud and games, though, and I don’t count that into her “school” time.

1-2 or as much as he wants that day :heart:

I started with my son at 2 but he didn’t really get into it until he was 4. He liked everything but it took so much assistance from me that it would frustrate him to not have his independence. But all that time spent got him familiar with the activities so when he got back into it, he knew what to do and needed very little from me for each activity. It was awesome letting having him do school mostly on his own while I worked with his older brother.

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Thank you @shallers27. I’m trying to keep a very laid back attitude about any activity I do with my 28 month old.

I work with my preschooler (4 1/2 year old)about 4-5 hours a week. Most days he is only interested in 30-45 minutes of work. But when we do unit work (right now we are working on Dr Seuss) he will join in on that as well. He’ll be 5 in June and I have loose plans to attempt kindergarten in the fall but only if he is ready.

With my 21/2 year old I don’t do any type of formal schooling. I make him some tot boxes and will work with him on those for 10 or so minutes each day but that is really all he wants to do. I want to do a letter of the week program with him starting in the fall.

We fell into rushing the older two because of birthdates and nothing more. The oldest ended up repeating kindergarten in school because she wasn’t ready for first grade. And my 6 year old was not ready to read in kindergarten either. So I am trying to take a much more child led approach this time around. I’m not really sure where it will take me yet!

I started with my daughter at three and she got it pretty well by the time she went to preschool (before we homeschooled officially).

I tried at 3 with my oldest boy and he only had about half by the time he went to preschool at 4. At the end of a year of preschool he still didn’t have all his letters but the teacher said it was normal and fine… He finally got them in kindergarten.

My 4 1/2 year old wasn’t ready at 3 so we stopped completely and started again this past fall. He’s getting them slowly. Once he has them we’ll move on.

I will start with my youngest next fall when he is 3 but we will take it slow, at his pace.

Every kid is so different.

My little guy is turning 4 in March. We don’t do much for ‘formal’ learning except for ABCmouse a couple times a week. We do printouts & workbooks sometimes but mainly is just life learning, using everyday opportunities to teach him. We love to play games & we’ll watch Disney Jr together. I love Super Why which really helped my 3rd son with his letter but my littlest, not so much. So he’ll watch it when its my turn to pick a show to watch.

Around here public schools almost require preschool for kids to be ready for kindergarten. However, I’ve discovered that I could probably do without it homeschool wise from the trickle down from the older kids. I hate the pressure that is put on learning things at a certain age! So we do preschool for an hour three days a week (and same thing with my kindergartner but five days a week) and if she’s not interested, or things come up than I don’t worry about it. It’s not required in my state and I’m not going to make it any harder or more frustrating that need be!

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My daughter is almost 2 and a half so we only do Tot School from 9am-noon. Mon-THurs. My husband has Friday’s off so we do family day that day.

We do preschool activities for an hour Monday through Thursday. On Friday’s we try to go to the library for story time.

With my three year old son I schedule about two hours worth or activities two days a week. However, I have learned to be really flexible with it . Some days we will only do a half hour and spread the other activities out during the rest of the week. Other times he will want to wait for six year old to be available so they can do projects together. If he gets distracted during the lesson and wants to know about something else we learn about something else. He is only three so for me I feel what is most important is just for him to learn to love learning so I don’t want to force him into doing school if he doesn’t want to at this age.