How do you use a Lesson Planner


I’m wondering who uses a lesson planner how you use it and why? I like the idea, at the same time, I’m thinking I’m going thru daily lessons why use a planner? If I had it all laid out in a planner and we had to spend more time on a lesson or went faster, than all the time I took to put lessons in a planner is wasted. Am I looking at this wrong?


I keep a planner but I use it to record what we’ve actually done, after the fact, than to plan things we’re going to do. I usually just do the next lesson in our books so each day I write down what each child did, including each subject and any extras such as art, sports or church activities. So we end up having a record and I don’t have the problem of erasing or re-writing plans if things don’t go as planned or we miss a day.


oh ok, that makes sense. Do you do other record keeping as far as grades etc in there as well? Maybe your state does not require that…


I use monthly block calendar pages that I print free from the internet. I outline the school year and what subjects are taught with what other subjects for each day, with holidays and standing doctors’ appointments written in INK. Then I mark off what we accomplish as we accomplish it. Several of the subjects we study are only a day or two a week, or are companion subjects that I like keeping together for ease of understanding and learning. I have found that this way we know what we have accomplished, what the next teaching day will bring and what is needed for it. By the by, I keep my pages in the plastic sleeve protectors that are so handy for 3 ring binders.
And we do plan a 9 month school term, but in reality, because of missed days due to hospitalizations, more doctors’ appointments and morning long sessions for blood draws, our education is year round.
The grades I keep are, at this point, with 4th and 5th grade students, only spelling test grades. Our state does not require that type of information even in high school, but transcripts are a fact of life for high school so then I will be keeping grades and transcript information.


No, I don’t record grades in there. You’re right, my state doesn’t require it. Things I do keep grades for, such as math, I usually record in the test booklet (MUS). I am a bit more laid back than most, so I’m sure you’ll get some more helpful posts. :wink:


Thank you ladies for your help.