How do you organize your schoolwork if you DON'T use workboxes?

Next year will be our first year schooling. We don’t have the room for workboxes and honestly I think it would be too much work with 3 kids and throw in the fact my husband is schooling 2 days I think it could get messy. BUT, I am super Type A and love the organization side of it. I want something streamlined and easy so we are ready to roll in the morning. Also I the possibility of being more mobile for nice days at the park, etc. What has worked we’ll for you?

I have 3 daughters, we will finish our first year at the end of April. I purchased 5 1/2 binders for each of the girls. So, they have one binder for each day of the week. I then used sheet protectors inside the notebooks with a subject page printed, for all the worksheets I put then behind the sheet protector for that subject. If we have smaller things that we use for History or lapbooks that I normally pre-cut to make the day go faster, I slip that into the sheet protector. I got them each a clear box from the Container Store to hold their notebooks. My youngest is in Kindergarten and it has really helped her learn her days of the week and with reading the subject words, although I have clip art pictures with the subjects as well.

If we are traveling that day, they can just take that notebook with them. I prepare everything either on Fridays (if time allows or over the weekend for the whole week, so I am done by the time we start on Monday Monday morning). The concept works like workboxes, but space was an issue for us, as well as the expense and it has worked very well for us.

Here is what it looks like, these are the notebooks in the box, where we keep them, when not in use.

I labeled each day with a different color.

Here is a sample for one of the subject pages that I have in a sheet protector, so it helps with wear and tear. Then I will put the work they need to do behind the protector sheet for each subject.

Hope this gives you an idea that helps you, good luck with your first year.


I planned to use a 3 ring binder, but then stumbled across some unused letter trays at our house. I have one for work to be completed, and one for completed work. Boober is in preschool so we only need the two trays for now.

I am also considering:

or this, but it did not get the best reviews.

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Very helpful!! Thanks!

We don’t use workboxes either. I love the organization factor (total Type A, here), but it seemed like a lot of space and time. Before I begin a history or science unit (each usually last 1 month), I prepare all the necessary experiment and project materials so they are ready to roll for the entire month. Each weekend I spend about 30 minutes prepping any necessary materials, papers, etc I need for the kids during the week. This way everything is easy to grab, ready to go, but doesn’t take up much time/space.

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