How do you make a portfolio

I need to make a portfolio for my son. How exactley do you put it together? How do you decide what goes into it? What do you put it in (3 ring binder, pocket folder, etc…) I would love to see pics!!

@Luvmyboys I still haven’t found a way to post pics on here. LOL.

My daughter’s portfolio is as follows:

3 Ring binder (4 inches) with dividers.

Section 1: Letter of notice to school board re homeschooling (plus the signature request card that was mailed back)
I also include a list of curriculum and monthly summaries

Section 2: READING: A list of books (by month) that we’ve read + any lapbooks we completed and reading comprehension workbook

Section 3: MATH: Tests (with scores) I don’t keep daily work, just the tests.

Section 4: SPELLING: Tests (with scores), no daily work

Section 5: GRAMMAR/WRITING: Grammar tests, writing review sheets + some of her writing work from August, December and April (to show growth)

Section 6: SCIENCE: Worksheets, tests (although we do very few), project pages

Section 7: HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY: Worksheets, tests (few), projects pages

Section 8: LATIN: Tests + a few worksheets from early/mid/late in year.

Section 9: PICTURE PORTFOLIO (I take pictures of various things we do, which don’t have a worksheet with them, but that show learning.) For example, if we did a cooking lesson, or she had a piano recital, I take pictures as “proof” of learning. I also use these photos for her yearbook (digital scrapbook, really)

Section 10: OTHER (Any certificates, awards, brochures, field trip sheets, etc)

I feel like I am missing something…

At the end of the year, once her portfolio is reviewed, I keep a copy of it with the binder (in section 1) so if there is ever an issue, I have further proof.


@KathiJohnson thank you so much for your response! For section 2, do you keep a list of books your daughter reads? Or read alouds? My son is reading at grade 1-2, so he is reading early leveled readers. Thanks again!

I keep a reading log that includes both his read alouds and the books we do for story time. Also, I do not do it monthly, just one continuous list on a form that I have in my planner. I do list out what books I’ve used by subject. I list my notes as to how I felt that particular resource was for my child. For example, if we used a specific spelling program I would list the title and then my thoughts on how my child did with that particular resource and what I planned going forward for the next year. I then just include samples of each subject to show our evaluator, along with my attendance log. the evaluator I use is very sweet. I just touch base with her ahead of time and ask what she wants to look at. That way I’m sure to have all the necessary paperwork with me that she’ll want to look over in order for things to go smoothly.

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@KathiJohnson if you want to upload pictures you can click the “picture” icon at the top of the reply box (7th from the left).

You can also add images by simply dragging and dropping the image file straight into the editor window, or even by Ctrl+V pasting a screenshot over (works in Chrome, at least).

I’ll add these instructions to the Getting Started post. Sorry for the confusion. :smiley:

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