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How do you get back on track?

It has been an incredibly stressful and hectic month for us. We just moved and I feel like such a failure because school has been put on hold. Even leading up to the move I was so busy with packing and organizing that school was VERY minimal. Then we moved and well, it’s still hectic and stressful. The stress of moving is enough but add to that the feeling that I’ve totally screwed up our year! How do you get back on track after losing several weeks? All of us are struggling - and it doesn’t help that we can’t find the pencil sharpener. Kiddos are 8th/6th/K

We get off track all the time. But I have decided it is ok. Life happens with homeschooling. I just pick up where we left off. I get everyone in the schoolroom, discuss how we had a “break” but now it’s time to start again. Lay out the rules again and just start over. We get back into the routine very quickly. Take some time, mom, to prepare your area and take it a week at a time, but stay consistent. Kids bounce back quick and everything they have learned comes back to them.


This is the wonderful thing about homeschooling, you can take a break or I’d things are hectic stop for a bit and get back on track. Sometimes we just need a break too! It is ok!!

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I agree with everything that Ryan said. One of the biggest benefits to homeschooling is being flexible. Life happens, we all get off track. The key is to just jump back in and get rolling again. You will see that you can fit an extra lesson in here or there and after a little while you are caught up to where you wanted to be. Or you could just extend your end time. Either way, you just want to get started again, even if it isn’t full time right now.

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I agree with the others! Life happens, and learning how to handle big events like moves is an important learning experience as well! Cut the fat where you can and stick with the basics to get the year finished. Praying that you have peace through all the changes and stress!

Lovely question as this is our first year homeschooling so I feel behind the curve as we have been exploring what works and what doesn’t work for us. We just started preparing our house to move and will have the whole moving process coming up soon. Feeling a bit overwhelmed here so reading these responses will be great for me as well. Hope you get up and running smoothly again soon.

My suggestion would be to start with a Bible study! I’ve gotten off track before and instead of just trying to start all subjects and jump right into it I took a few days to just do some Bible time with the kids. After that the stress seemed to calm down and I felt like I had some mental clarity and I was able to get myself, the kids, and our studies back on track. Don’t beat yourself up, it will be okay!

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oh, this happens to me all the time… I’ve stopped planning week to week. I read some blog post where they just wrote down what they wanted to learn that year and crossed it off when it’s done - not tied to any week/month. However, I feel we are just crawling through our books and being it’s 1/2 of the year done - wouldn’t you think we would be 1/2 of the book… haha… no! Of course, then I think of when I was a kid in school and the times the teachers skipped chapters and I never knew there was more history of the US after WWII… :stuck_out_tongue:

Find a new routine for your new home and start slowly until you get back into your groove. Maybe start with the most important subjects like math and reading the first week, then the next week add writing and spelling, then next week add history and science. Keep adding will you’ve got your new schedule and routine. I think the trick is to start slowly.


I’ve been homeschooling (DL in BC Canada) for 6 years now, and we’ve gotten off routine/schedule many times. Sometimes purposefully, sometimes accidentally. We ease back into our routine usually (esp. for the younger children/grades), adding one subject at a time or per day/week until we’re full steam ahead. Now that my oldest is 10, I find I can quickly add several subjects to our routine right away, like Math, Writing, Bible, Social Studies, than add in our other subjects the next week, Spelling, Science, Arts, Lifeskills, Health, etc. Although we almost always stay active daily to keep our sanity and health :). Routine though is far more important to us, than how many subjects we cover. Starting up first thing in the morning, working hard until lunch time. Wrap up or work on little projects after lunch and outings, field trips, errands, chores in the afternoon. This gets our life on track, and keeps the laundry and dishes to a dull roar. Life is full of bumps and distractions. Pushing through these is not always a healthy way to deal with them, and I encourage taking necessary breaks to heal and recover. Hope that helps.