How do you do Circle Time?

We do circle time every morning (K, PreK, and a toddler), but I’m beginning to get a bit ‘bored’ of our routine. Any suggestions out there for what you do for circle time?

When we got bored, I changed the routine of it. We did the Morning notebooks along with calendar time and after a while we got bored with that routine, so I changed it again. Basically, I change it up often to stay fresh. Take out what isn’t working, take out what they have really mastered and add in a few more new concepts. And they told me what they liked and didn’t like.
But to answer your question, have you printed out Erica’s Daily Notebooks and added them into circle time? I even adapted it for my toddler with numbers and shapes. We also added in the Character Trait lesson.

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Switch it up a bit to make it new.