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How and when do you find time to exercise?


My daughter has ballet for a few hours one night a week. I found a gym right nearby and go after I drop her off. It’s only once a week, but better than nothing!


My girls still nap, so I try exercising then. If my youngest wakes up, I stop but if the older girls wake up, I continue with them. If I don’t fit it in then, I do it at night, before I put the girls to bed…some people say you shouldn’t exercise at night, but I’m so tired, I don’t have problems falling asleep! I do either T25 or Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.


I try to do it in the morning before the kids wake up. If that doesn’t happen I wait until my husband gets home from work. I definitely find a way to fit it in because it is so important!


I used to get up really early to do it, but now I prefer to do it during my daughter’s rest time. She doesn’t sleep, but stays on h bed reading or looking at books for 11/2-2 hours. I always feel refreshed after!


I get up early- set out some simple breakfast items and drinks (in case the littles get up while I’m exercising.) I have been getting up when my husband is in the shower and working out. It has worked fairly well. My kids now know that mom is exercising and either eat a little or sit on the couch and watch until I am done. Then we have breakfast, etc.


Seriously, NEVER. It doesn’t happen. :grimacing:


Thanks for sharing this info. I will try it. It seems it could work for me. :slight_smile:


I exercise (rebounder or yoga) during the kids “recess” mid morning. We also try to bike ride, garden or geocache as a family over the weekend.


oh - great question! I have been able to get some walks in when the weather is nice - live is WI, so that is like 2 mon of the year - haha… walk to the park and do school there. Otherwise, I take a water fitness classes at the Y at noon… there is a splash pad area for my son to play in while I’m in class so I can keep an eye on him. It was easier when he was younger - they had classes he could go to while I did my classes… but my Y doesn’t have many homeschooling classes at the same time as water fitness classes.


I used to run/workout almost daily. Then my husband got a new job. He works 7pm-7am alternating days and 18 months later, we STILL cannot get on a good schedule because every day looks different for us. I can’t work out in the morning because my husband comes in and goes to sleep and the way our house is set up, working out wakes everyone up because of the floor plan. Evenings are tough now because after a full school day, dinner, extracurriculars (dance, etc), cleaning house, folding laundry, and husband leaving for work some nights, I am just ready to fall into bed when the kids do. I have got to get better, otherwise I may gain 800 pounds this pregnancy, lol.


I have a treadmill in the classroom. My husband bought a flat piece of wood that I Velcro to the arms of the treadmill. This way I can put books on my makeshift treadmill desk. I read many books to the kids while I walk and the kids sit in chairs around me, I also hop on when everyone is busy doing something silent or when everyone is engrossed in painting or keeping occupied. Also, when I am planning lessons, or grading papers, etc. etc. I do it all while walking at my treadmill desk. Multitasking for sure!


This is great! At what point in the day do you usually schedule it?


That is impressive that you multitask so much! Great idea.


Thanks for all the responses everybody! This is helpful. It sounds like everybody runs the gamut. I know this will be a challenge for me also, but is something I’m concerned about doing at least a couple days a week.


I am SO not a morning exercise person so I NEVER work out in the mornings. I like to go after school is done for the day. It gets me moving and energetic for housework in the afternoon. My favorite thing to do is take the kids out for a long walk or mountain trail hike after school when the weather is nice.


I am also thinking about this! I am also starting Homeschooling in the fall… i was think i could go for a run in the mornings or afternoon with my daughter and have her ride her bike… maybe push my son in the jogger… then Friday and saturday do my longer runs alone because my husband is off from work those days… Once it gets colder i will probably do indoor workout with my daughter and maybe go to the gym… my gym has childwatch so she could bring her reading to do while i get a workout in…


I just started a new workout routine and it seems to be working. In the morning, I rise before everyone and get in a 15 minute workout. It’s more than likely a strength training or pilates. Then in the afternoon I do a aerobic workout with kids. There favorite is Walk Away the Pounds. I also have done a Fitness Blender (YouTube) with them as well but the little one can’t keep up them as well. Then in the evening I do a stretching routine in the bed that I found on Popsugar. It seems to be working great. Hopefully I’ll keep it up.


Seriously, I am LOL :laughing:


Never heard of this before! Looks awesome! I’m going to try this! :slight_smile:


I used to around 10-11am after we got a few subjects in…but this is something I’ve totally slacked on and need to start back up. Thinking immediately after school is done in the afternoons is my best bet now. :smile: