Horizons Curriculum

We are strongly considering Horizons Phonics/Reading grade 1 this fall. The samples i see we all like, kiddo likes the layout, it seems like it will be a good fit. Plus the way the phonics are taught is the way we are teaching now. She is already reading fairly well and is wanting to start writing letters and such to family…which is included in grade one. She is a very fast and quick learner so the pace i have read about should be right at her liking. But, naturally i am reaching out for opinion. Anyone familiar or have used it. We are a family on a budget so other programs that are more expensive we cant even consider.

@momlivininfaith We have never bought the Horizons Phonics/Reading but we do purchase our Math program from Horizons for both of our school-aged children (also a very fast-paced program) and it is fantastic! Based on it alone, I would never question buying anything from Horizons. We’ve been using it for two years now and have already purchased the third year in preparation for the next year. I think this is a company that knows exactly what they are doing and invests a lot in their products. So based on that alone, I would recommend anything of theirs to anyone. :slight_smile:

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