Hooked on Phonics supplement help

I am currently using the Hooked on Phonics program with my kids K and first grade. It is the older set with the five colored boxes copyright 2001 (a garage sale score). I like it so far and have been piecing together word family and sight word activities/worksheets to go along with the program. I was wondering if any of you savvy homeschool educators have run across anything that I could use instead of reinventing the wheel to help supplement this program that I already have- I have seen a lot of things out there for BOB books, but alas it is not what I need, I have scoured pinterest to no avail and can’t seem to find what I am looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

We use hooked on phonics as well. They have a great iPad app ($50/lifetime sub) that my kiddos love. As far as worksheets we love starfalls teacher section for that. If you google I’m sure you can find tons of free phonics worksheets too. We also use happy phonics as a supplement, my kiddos love all the hands on games that they offer and really prefer that to doing worksheets.
Starfalls also has games and puzzles and readers that are great quality and super affordable :smile:

We use A beka as our main learn-to-read program but I have also used the Hooked on Phonics readers and found that both programs goes well. If you are looking for worksheets the Letters and Sounds workbooks (Abeka) could be helpful.
Other resources I have used to supplement are these,
A) Starfall worksheets http://more.starfall.com/info/downloads.php
B) Kizclub http://www.kizclub.com/phonicsactivities.htm there are some word families printables here
C) Words their Way Letter Name-Alphabetic Spellers (for word families also)
D) This Reading Mama website has a lot of ideas and printables for word families, sight words, phonics, and all about Literacy. http://thisreadingmama.com

Hi Elizabeth~
Thanks for your ideas- I will have to revisit some of the sites you listed. By the way LOVE… LOVE This Reading Mama- my kids completed her reading the alphabet program and it was FANTASTIC!

Hi ghcostafamily ~

I will definately have to check out their app. Thanks so much!

Have you gone to the HoP site? When I used the program there was a workbook with it. It makes sense that they would go together… You may also check ebay. When I was done I sold mine there and I recall seeing several of their workbooks for sale. If you can afford it Reading Eggs.com is an outstanding program. They usually have a good sale on Black Friday.

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I have heard of reading eggs, but don’t know to much about them.
Per your reccommendation I will have to investigate them further.
Thanks for your advice. :smile:

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