Homeschooling without a dedicated school room

Erica, many of us do not have a “school room”, I think it would be nice to have a section in organization for those who are without a school room. I definitely struggle with not having a separate room to keep everything in. I would love to read about others in the same situation, and how they handle organizing it all. Thanks again!




We’re in the research/planning stages of our schoolroom. We started out at the dining room table with work boxes to store everything. It didn’t take long for our 6y.o. To design her own space using a TV tray and her workbox. Recently our 8 y.o. Followed suit with her own touches. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well for this multi use space, and 3 y.o. Brother loves to do his “school” too. We’re out of TV trays and space with the dining room table not being used for school. Wall space would be nice for a timeline, calendar, whiteboard I’m constantly relocating. We are absolutely a work in progress. So we’re gearing up for changes!


Meg, that’s a great idea, I updated the post topic to say school room/area. I was hoping people would do that anyway. I think any organizing pics are fun to check out and helpful! Thanks :smile:


I’m having a hard time with organization. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the outline is simply a square, lol. I have ideas to use a huge dry erase board to write onto and to have magnetic letter, numbers and words to use for my 4 year old. Would anyone have any places, ideas in mind that I could use. That would be so helpful! Thank you!!
Also, Erica, the video that you posed of your daily schedule/routine with you children was such an eye opener. I now have an idea what to look forward to when the kids get older, lol. Thank you again :smile:

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We don’t have a school room, and right now work out of my office (that’s where all of the books/binder, etc are kept) and our dinning room (where we are completing our work). I’m pretty organized so that helps us, I have all of our books that we use on two shelves on a bookshelf in my office, my boys just come and take what books they need (marked with their names) and bring them to the dinning room table to work on, when they are done they go on a table in my office to be graded. I also have three other shelves that holds books for next year, school supplies, etc. It is working for us for now, but I have to keep everything really clean and picked up and graded so everything is put away and ready for the next day.

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We have a room that we consider to be the schoolroom/playroom. I know not everybody has the luxury of doing something like that, but the two rooms combine well. With little kids, they can only really reach the lower shelves of a bookshelf. So if you have a bookshelf that reaches near the ceiling, the kids can only reach books on the bottom half. Same with toy shelves. But if you combine a schoolroom/playroom, the kids can have the bottom half of all the shelves for toys/their fun books, and the top half of all the shelves can be for school books that you don’t want them to have free access to. So I really like how these work together.

We have all girls, so we bunk all the girls in the same room, the bedroom, and it’s basically just for sleeping. This frees up another room to be the schoolroom/playroom. However, we usually end up doing schoolwork at the kitchen table (if it involves writing or projects) or on the couch (if it involves reading). I think All About Reading/Spelling is the only thing we do in the schoolroom! Partly because the school table keeps getting loaded with stuff and there isn’t room to work. Oops. Gotta work on that.


I have a very small area behind my couch that I’m using as our homeschool area. I purchased a vintage desk for my daughter that has a cubby underneath. That’s where she can keep her supplies and daily learning notebook. Next to her desk I have my larger desk that as of right now stores everything! I do find it hard to dig things out but as log as I prepare everything the night before and set it on top it doesn’t take any time away during the school time. I also use the wall for her calendar and to hang her work for the week. I’m still looking into some other options for storage ideas but for now it’s working out good. Any ideas are welcomed! :smiley:

We also have a playroom/school room combo. It’s the bonus room over our garage, so it’s rectangular with a dormer and slanted walls. Wall space is prime real estate in there. Right now we have a six foot table in there for the desk, and that also holds the kids’ school supplies and our bins of leveled readers. Caddy corner to the desk is a 9 cube shelf for texts/workbooks, and our whiteboard is above the cube unit.

This worked ok for my little kids, but I think I’m going to have to rearrange with having the upper elementary kids at home with us next year too. Not sure what to do though, because we also have a couch and two train tables in there that take up a lot of room :-/

We don’t have a school room - we us the dining room table. We use the workbins on wheels which roll to the girls’ bedroom when school is done (currently they tolerate having their brothers’ bins in their room. The boys bins have been decorated without princesses. Oh the humanity!). I’ve lined our dining walls with bookshelves (so if I’m honesty, almost every wall in our little house is lined with bookshelves…). I hijacked the bottom of our entry closet for school supplies (the shoes go on the floor where they were living anyway).


I don’t have a school room at our current house, so I don’t have anywhere to hang our posters and maps. My kids love learning off of the posters so I think I figured out an ingenious solution.

I take a large cardboard science fair tri-fold things and use packing tape on both sides to tape the crease so it stays open. Then I make a collage of my posters / bulletin board pieces of a subject / unit study, on both sides. Then I laminate the whole thing using Duck brand clear contact paper, and use packing tape on the four edges to reinforce the whole thing so the contact paper doesn’t end up peeling off in the future. And to save space, they simplely can be stored under my bed :smile:

Here are some examples:

On the other side of this one is our US wall map. Having it laminated means we can write on it too with dry or wet erase markers!

This one is a work in progress. On the other side is all about fossils.


Love this idea!! We do have a schoolroom but not a ton of extra wall space. Gonna do this for sure!

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We use the dining room. We have a few things hung on the wall and a few bookshelves. It helps to use the library so that we can save space!

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We use a corner of our living room. We have a tray table and chair but usually sit on the couch. We have a bulletin board and white board in the wall and keep our supplies in a drawer of the computer desk.

We don’t have a room yet but I am forever hopeful our basement will get finished and it can go there. But for now I have a desk for my son in a corner of the living room and beside it a cabinet with 2 shelves that holds our books. The art things and extra supplies are elsewhere since we don’t use them daily. I have a small scrapbooking drawer thing that holds my pens etc. And we have a bulletin board with calendar above the desk and on the other wall a whiteboard. And we now have a gigantic map of the world tacked on our dining room wall!

We also have no dedicated space and sometimes it is tough! I would love to at least have a dedicated space for everything to be stored in one spot

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We have the space to have a dedicated “school room” but I have found it better to have our children not all working in the same room. My older 3 (4th, 7th and 11th grades) each have a desk in another room that is their “homeschool area”, and my k and 2nd grader work with me at the dining room table. We have tried it both ways, and everyone seems to be able to focus better when they have their own study area. We are all together in the afternoon for our MFW work.


We currently do not have a homeschool room. I have a big “hutch” in my dining area that serves as storage for most of my homeschool stuff, and an additional bookshelf with doors to house supplies, as well as storing art supplies in my closet. We school wherever we feel like it. Each morning, we pull out what we need for the day and travel around from the sofa to the kitchen to wherever we feel like being. Pretty laid back. As the younger kids are getting older, we are working on a more set space for school, though.

We live in a small house (just under 1100 square feet). Every room is smaller than what I would prefer, but it is what it is. I only have one daughter (5 years old, K-4), so at least we’re not bursting at the seams with people (just stuff).

Our 3rd bedroom has been used as a “Learning room” for a couple of years now as well as a guest room when my mom comes to visit. We used to put an air bed in there for my mom, but we bought a real mattress and put it on our old bedframe before her visit last month. I had to put the tables I was using for our schooling out into the garage to make room for the bed. It is nice to have a guest room, but I do miss having a dedicated room for our schoolroom.

Now, we do school at our kitchen table. (We do not have any extra rooms - just three bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen with eat-in space.) Most of the things we use every day fit in a rolling cart that has rainbow drawers. It stays in the dining room area simply because I just refuse to roll it in and out every day. My daughter has a small box that she uses for HER stuff (pencil, crayons, scissors, photo album with her memory verse cards, and whatever else she wants to put in there). For now, it stays on the kitchen table until I can find a better place for it. My computer desk is beside the table, so that is handy. We do pledges to flag photos that I have bookmarked, and I look up photos of things that she’s interested in seeing and learning about.

When she was about two, I found some educational posters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. and put them on the lower wall in our hallway. We haven’t referred to it in quite a while, but it was really nice to have when she was little.

I forgot to say that I have a bookcase in the learning-room-turned-guest-room that has most of my teacher and art materials as well as a 4-drawer filing cabinet. I also have some other busy bag type activities for my daughter that she can play with whenever she likes. There’s also an antique vanity that I turned into a desk for my daughter, but she mainly uses it as a horizontal place to pile stuff. I need to get a chair that is the right size for it. The other piece of furniture is a china cabinet that my grandmother gave me. I painted it a couple of years ago and it holds office supplies and lots of photos and memorabilia that I need to organize sometime this decade.

We don’t have a school room either and also live in an apartment.
I use the dining table for the bigs and use a small Ikea red table and chairs in
the living room for the littles. The apartment is open complex so the living room
and dining room are pretty much together. I have my recliner next to the littles table so I can teach both sides at the same time!
We have a decent sized box bookshelf by the dining table so everything is organized and accessible. Each grade has their own square.
I use the top squares for things I don’t want my littles to get a hold of (Recipe books,flash cards etc…), middle squares are for school items, bottom squares are for any new curriculum I have purchased for the upcoming year. It’s low enough
that the littles don’t really notice it.
Next to the bookshelf is my printer and games go on top of the bookshelf.
So far this is working for us and as I change curricula soon I think the bookshelf will
have even more space to be even more organized!
ALSO I use a small box bookshelf as a TV stand and I put fabric square boxes in them where I store family dvds, art stuff, Math.U.See blocks and books/dvds and audio dramas. It keeps the house looking much neater plus we didn’t have to go and buy a new tv stand :wink:

We do our work at the dinning room table, we also use the couch, the bed, and my computer desk. We have a hutch in the dinning room that houses a caddy for pens, pencils etc. it also houses extra paper. I have two bookcases in the living room that contain the majority of our books and games. I also keep an extra box in the garage of items for the future. Beccaj143 I love your posters. Here I thought I was all that because I clipped a world map and a US map to one of those science boards. We slide ours behind the desk or behind to bookshelf to keep them from being damaged. I also have two white boards that have ended up either propped in the dinning room window or against the wall under the window. With limited space, we see our school supplies most of the time :wink: