Homeschooling With Netflix

Okay, we are one of those families who shockingly doesn’t have Netflix. :grin: I am considering it for homeschooling, as I hear a lot of people utilize it. Also, honestly I am really wanting to see the Fuller House series as it was my favorite show as a child. We are a family on a very very tight budget, so even the small $8 fee is a lot to us monthly. I’m just curious on how much those of you who use it, like it and think it’s worth the subscription. I am going to sign up for the month free trial, but would like insight from those who use it. THANKS!

We use it a lot for school and personal use. We haven’t had cable in 8 years and live in the boonies so we can only get 5 or so channels with an antennae on a good day so the $8 for Netflix is worth it since if we watch tv rhat is what it is! We also have an Amazon prime membership so we watch free shows through Amazon occasionally.


I dropped ours. I couldn’t find any stuff that I wanted through streaming. I’m curious to know what other homeschoolers are streaming off Netflix. It just frustrated me so! I use Amazon Prime & have found more stuff to stream for free or reduced cost. I’ve used their Explorers series & some of the movies that science centers use for Imax. Some libraries have streaming video or DVDs to rent (or, you can suggest they purchase some).

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That’s kind of what I am wondering…if it would REALLY be worth it. We got to the library, with a large selection and because we are big sports fans, we were able to cut a deal with our cable company and get it for practically half the price and are able to get a lot of the shows mentioned by people who have netflix…yeah, it’s only 8 bucks, however I am thinking we may just opt out.