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Homeschooling one but not the other (help?)

I have a 14 year old and a 8 year old, my 14 year old wants to be homeschooled but we don’t know what to tell my youngest. She will definitely get upset that her sister gets to stay home while she doesn’t.
Does anyone know what I should tell her/ say to her so she accepts it and doesn’t get as upset?

I don’t know, there’s probably no way to talk about it without her getting upset, but you could try making it about the age rather than the child (ie, not–we’re choosing to homeschool your sister but not you, but something like–we’re going to try homeschooling for high school, and when you are that age we can consider it for you too–or something like that). With that said though–have you considered homeschooling both? Age 8 is a fun age, and if she’s really wanting to do this, that might give you leverage–ie, “well, you’d have to make sure you did your work without complaining…” etc…