Homeschooling in a small town

We will be moving to a very small town where nobody else homeschools.

What are some challenges you have faced? What ways have you thrived? What did you wish you knew?

We live in the middle of nowhere, a small town in the Midwest. Our biggest problem is that there are far less resources here than in a larger city. I’ve had to actively look them up in the nearby bigger towns.

However, there are several advantages. Because “everybody knows everybody,” people are far more interested in helping you out, most of the time out of the kindness of their hearts. We live near a music teacher for a local school and she’s offered to give us free music lessons in a few years. The librarians know us by name and have personally done some book searching for us. Plus when I’m under the weather, most anyone helping out with the kids is more than happy to fill in with the simpler homeschool tasks if I ask.

It’s also great, I get to show my kids the joy of helping other people. We can go caroling at Christmas and deliver cookies. We can visit our elderly church friends and play in our neighbor’s back yard. There’s also tons of opportunities for gardening. We have the space and there’s a local club that’s always look for help from all ages for around the town.

Really, I love it here. It’s frustrating not to be able to run to the store if I need eggs, but the close knit community really makes up for that. So my advice is get to know people. Join a moms group or a Bible Study, or just go to story time at the library. Meeting people will help you get your bearings and will give you a great support system in no time.