Homeschooling 8th and 9th Graders

Hello, I am trying to get some ideas about homeschooling my 8ith graders and 9th graders. They are excited about homeschooling and there will be rules. I am starting this next school year, but have already started planning already. I am excited as well. I know that I will help them more than what they are getting in public school right now, because sometimes children just need one on one to learn and understand. Please if there are any suggestions, I would appreciate them all. Thank you and GOD bless

Congratulations as you’re preparing to start this new journey. It is a privilege to teach your kiddos. My two oldest are in 9th grade and 7th grade this year. I should state that I have six kids, since that has a bearing on the way we do schooling. Some of the rules/practices/expectations that we’ve established are…

  1. Set bedtime and set time to begin work in the morning (My oldest gets up to his alarm because he is motivated to finish his work earlier in the day. My 7th grader, on the other hand, would sleep in until who knows when if we let her.)
  2. No computer free time or TV until all school work is complete. Sometimes we make an exception and watch a short TV show during lunch. (This is specifically about their free time. The computer and TV may be used for learning during the day, such as watching a documentary or typing an assignment.)
  3. The kids show me their completed assignment book each day and I sign-off on it before they have free time. Because my kids work independently, this gives me an opportunity to look over specifically what they worked on that day.
  4. Daily Bible time
  5. The kids help with breakfast and lunch. This teaches life skills
  6. Main daily chore must be completed before lunch
  7. The kids are expected to help each other whenever possible
  8. In the past, we’ve combined some of the subjects so my kids could work together. An example would be science, so we could do experiments together.

I’m sure there are other things that I can’t think of right now. Our rules are based on the idea that, among other things, we want to raise responsible adults who are ultimately self-teaching.

Blessings to you on this awesome journey!

Thank you, I am excited to be able to start homeschooling. I appreciate the help by giving how you work your homeschooling days. I am trying to figure out what program to use, because I do not want to do online homeschooling, as my oldest 9th grader has learning disabilities and medical problems that have made her piblic schooling very complicated. I want to be able to work one on one with them so that I know what they are doing and know that they are understanding all the subject matter and also bring them closer to the LORD with Bible study daily. I love that you mentioned that you are raising responsible adults that are self-teaching. That is where I want to go with this also. My girls and son already have chores that include laundry and dishes and taking out trash. (of course cleaning their rooms), but that is what I try to instill in them also, that I am raising young adults that will be able to be able to do what needs to be done instead of having someone else do things for them. Thank you again