Homeschoolers around Greencastle, Indiana

Hi there, I am looking to connect with other homeschoolers around Greencastle, Indiana

hi, we are new to greencastle. have you connected with any home school groups?

Hello, There is a group called Kings Compass. Its a good group. We chose not to join this year for co-op because of other obligations. How old are your children. Mine are 7 and 9.

my son is almost 12. we joined kingscompass but are looking for others. seems kings compass only meets for field trips and we are looking for something that meets regularly too, like for p.e. or music. we moved from wisconsin and we belonged to 3 co ops. 2 of the co ops offered gym and other classes.

We moved a couple of years ago to the area and have yet to connect with homeschoolers in the are. Wondering if you have had any luck?