Homeschool Tracker planner

Hi! How do you manipulate HSTOnline to create the yearly agenda? I’ve seen a couple of pictures on the blog. I’ve played around with it but can’t figure it out.

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I downloaded the free version of this and for some reason it is very confusing to me! I need to sit down and try it again though, because I’m feeling very unorganized in the record area of homeschooling.

I use the online version of homeschool tracker and love it. I like to create my lesson plans for the whole year then schedule 2 weeks at a time to the agenda. It’s a good balance between planning while remaining flexible.


@TorresFam5… I know that this is a late response, but possibly this will help you out. I asked Erica with COAH how she was able to print out the planners she shares pics of on her blog. I believe that she had the actual software for HST (which I believe isn’t available anymore) and she was able to manipulate it a bit to get the look she wanted.

I actually called HST and asked them if there were other printable options besides the ‘my daily tasks’ printable… They replied and told me they were working on that. Since then, they have modified the online version a bit and you can print something similar to what COAH prints for her kiddos.

Hope this is helpful😊

Thank you! I’m creating lesson plans for our 2nd year. Hopefully I can figure it out.

How do you print it similar? You mean they have the same layout for the week?

Under the ‘Agenda- Calendar View’ you have the option to see your students schedule daily, weekly, monthly and so-on. There is an icon that says download to pdf (I cannot remember the exact wording for it). After its downloaded you are able to print it out:)

COAH has each week printed on one page and you are able to do that now with HST, but cosmetically it does look different since she did tweak hers a bit to make it look the way she shows on her blog. I do like the look of hers better, but they both do the same job. Hope this helps!