Homeschool Standardized Testing

Hey everyone! I’m getting ready to order our standardized tests for this year, and I’m thinking about doing the online tests. Has anyone used those yet, an if so do you have any opinions on them one way or the other?

Thanks in advance!


My daughter (4th last year) did the Iowa standard. Super easy, you’ll feel like a super hero when they are done. She comes from a public background and is familiar with Starr test in tx, and the first thing she said when she was done was: “that was SO much easier!”. Love that she was so happy and not stressed after. We will probably do that again this year for 5th and 3rd. :slight_smile: hth!

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We did the CAT test online. (First time using this.) It was much easier for me because I didn’t have to time the tests myself and get distracted by my little guys! It was easy to use for my kids. (Uncomplicated screen.) Good price at $23 dollars. Instant results. (Good for the impatient!) It was simple to use versus having different booklets to shuffle around. I felt like the test itself had good, challenging, but fair questions. We did the paper Terra Nova test last year and the questions were so simple that I didn’t feel like it gave me any valuable feedback. I will be using the online CAT test again next year! You don’t have to take it all at once, you take one section at a time and can take a break or save other sections for the next day.

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Did you do the paper Iowa test or an online version? This is my kids first year HSing (3rd and 5th) and I want to see where we are at.

Do you have a link for these ?

I do!

Thank you so much. I know I have a year to sort out but better to be prepared

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One other question, how long do you allow for the tests? Like are they over a series of days?

After you buy it you can take the test whenever you want- up to a whole year! You can get a 60% refund- IF you decided not to take the test within 60 days. So, you definitely have some wiggle room with time! HAHA! But, you could certainly spread it out over several days/weeks and make it convenient for you and your kids.

This is what the website says: “The test has an expiration date of 1 year from the date of purchase and the test needs to be taken within this time frame.”

Where do you go to order it? This will be the first year for me to test. I will be testing at 4th grade level.

You can get a paper version instead on doing the online test if you want-also from the same website.

Where do you order the Iowa test?