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Homeschool Sanity Saving & Back-to-school Tips

Hey everyone! It’s about back-to-school time over here at the Confessions Household! And for me that means that I need to get all of my ducks in a row and spring back into action from my otherwise lazy routine we’ve lulled into over the course of the summer.

Here are some tips I use to get myself back in gear! What do you do? Comment below!

  1. Monthly Meal Plans - I tend to fall off of this wagon over the summer, but it’s time to print this baby out, head to the store, and get myself prepared so we’re not eating crumbs from the bottom of cereal boxes.

  2. Big grocery store trip - This might not sound too exciting, but usually by end of summer I’m slacking and we’re almost out of milk, people are scraping up the last bits of cereal, or fighting over the last cheese stick. So I like to make a big grocery haul right before school starts. That way I know we’re covered for my meal plan, and we have a lot of goodies to eat at home. That also keeps me from being tempted to head out to eat for lunches.

  3. Clean up and clean out! - I always do a huge clean up of the house the week before school starts. Kind of like spring cleaning only in the fall. It always helps me get motivated knowing that i don’t have a pile of household chores to tend to.

  4. Out with the old, in with the new! - I do the same type of clean up in our homeschool room. I clean out the old stuff, and bring in and organize all of our new curriculum. The kids clean out their workboxes. And load them up with new curriculum. We also do a big pencil sharpening session, replace any old school supplies with new ones, and get everything ready for day 1!

  5. End of Summer party! - I like to do an end of summer party for everyone. It’s not usually anything huge, but we’ll do a special BBQ with smore’s and maybe invite a few friends over too. Just to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall!

  6. First day of school breakfast - I think it’s fun to make a special breakfast for day 1. During the year we get lazy and end up eating something quick. But for day 1 we do pancakes, eggs, bacon, the works! Plus it puts everyone in a good mood before I show them all of the work they have to do LOL!

  7. First day of school pictures! - I like to do first day of school pictures just like everyone else. It’s fun to look back on this day and see how your kiddos have grown! I usually have the kids first assignment to make their own grade card, decorate it, then we go out and take pics.

Well, those are some of my sanity savers and back-to-school motivating tips. What do you all do to keep your sanity during the school year?


I do many of the same things! During the summer is my time to go through the whole house and our classroom to do a deep clean and to de-clutter everywhere! (I have a huge problem scrapping together a proper meal at the end of the day so I really should look into the monthly meal plans!) This year before school starts the kids made some suggestions for some end of summer fun and hopefully we can get it all in, but they want to spend an afternoon at a nature trail park near our home, get ice cream, play at the park, and go to the drive ins!

One thing we do the week before school is to get back in the routine of going to bed on time and waking up a bit earlier! We are bums over here during the summer so we need that adjustment week to get back in the swing of things :grinning:


I do a lot of the same things you do. Special breakfast, clean up and organized, and pictures. Here are a few of the sanctity savers that have helped me:

  1. Work boxes
  2. I get all their workbooks spiral bound at staples. This has been my biggest sanity saver!!!
  3. I pack lunch boxes the night before. Set them on the counter so at lunch time they’re ready to go!
  4. I buy good water bottles for them to fill up before school.
  5. I replaced the water filter in my fridge so the kids can fill up water bottles on their own.
  6. I cook freezer meals
    7 I make a batch of bean burritos and freeze them for lunch
  7. I stock the pantry with lunch and snack items

I think that’s all!


That’s a great idea and time saver to pack lunches ahead of time!

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khollow - I love the idea of having all the workbooks spiral bound! So do you have to remove all the pages first - not quite sure how that works. Would love some more info on that. Thanks!

No ma’am. I just take all the workbooks to staples and tell them I want them spiral bound. They do all the work. I can’t remember the exact cost…I think around $3.50 per book. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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khollow - Thank you for the reply! Have you by chance done MathUSee workbooks? I think that would be awesome for us. Thanks again!

Hi Kelly, sorry I am just now replying. I have never done mat-u-see workbooks but I don’t see why you couldn’t. You could have them spiral bound and the. Get some of those post tabs to separate each section or lesson by number. Good luck!

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No, I just bring in the books in to spiral bind too. They’ll cut off the glued binding for you.

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We are just starting homeschooling this year (next week!) so this post and the replies are helpful and very timely. You all are bringing up a lot of things I didn’t think about (snacks, lunch, water bottles, getting copies premade, etc.) Thanks everyone!

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Yes, I love the stock the pantry tip too!