Homeschool discounts

I know we could all benefit from saving some money of the things we need for school so lets compile a list of all those homeschool discounts out there.

I’ll start the list with the ones I use

JoAnns 15% discount
Barns and Noble 20% discount
Michaels 15% discount
Hastings 10%-25%


@bttrflynthesky How do you get those discounts? And is it in store and/or online?

@KathiJohnson hi Kathi! I have actual educators cards from those stores. Bring your approval letter from your district, or something that you have on district letter head stating you homeschool, to customer service in the store. After viewing the letter, they give you/mail you a card. Sometimes it’s good for only a year, others have no expiration date. Office Max used to do the same thing, I’m not sure if they still do. Hope that helps:)

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@Luvmyboys In our state, I just submit a letter of intent to homeschool. I don’t receive any letter back from the Board of Education, so other than showing them my letter, I have no “proof” from the state. I know some places sell teacher ID cards so I wonder if that would work…?

@KathiJohnson While living in CA I filed paperwork through the state, not our local district. I just brought a copy of that paper I mailed in and I was given a card to each store no questions asked:) here in NY, I have something on district letterhead:) just take your letter of intent with the signature return card (if you have one), and that should do it:) also, I’m not sure if you have Clothes Mentor stores where you live…but, once a year they give 20% clothes to teachers! Same thing, bring your letter in:)

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@KathiJohnson 20% off clothes I meant😉

Yes, that works…in Illinois anyway. I have a teacher card from Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op, but you can find them other places.

I use them in store. I just looked and JoAnns said online too.

I will be joining my local homeschool group in a few months. According to their website, each family gets membership cards. I’m guessing that these could be used to get the teacher discount cards as well. I will be trying it, anyway!