Homeschool Conventions

Are you planning on attending a Homeschool Convention this year? Sometimes they can be completely overwhelming. Any tips or tricks for getting the best out of the experience?

Last year, I attended a local convention about an hour from my house. It was small, but just right for a newer homeschool teacher. This year I’m hoping to attend one of the Great Homeschool Convention’s events and I’m a little scared. They’re just so big!

We were hoping to go, but finding a sitter is not working out. I’m just not comfortable leaving our kids in childcare with people we don’t know. :confused:

Right there with you!

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Teach Them Diligently is GREAT! It is BIG! I recommend leaving kids with grandma. Comfy shoes, jacket, rolling cart, mailing labels with e-mail address are all good things. Plan ahead and research curriculum. Know what you want to look at. Set budget! You can always order later, don’t give into pressure to have to buy then. TTD gives out schedule of speakers. Research who and what you want to hear as far as speakers go. TTD even offers audio recording of all speakers. I recommend doing this once and listen year round for encouragement. The next year you will be a pro. TTD does have a kids program. I do not go all 3 days. I go Friday morning and stay the night and leave Sat. afternoon. Saves a bunch on hotel cost. This is something we look forward to each year. Great date with hubby and doing something for myself that I LOVE and helping my children too. Just a win win for us. The ONLY time my kids are away from us.


I love conventions! The speakers fuel my tank and I get to touch curriculum before I buy. I know it can be overwhelming, so try to plan ahead. Are there particular talks that you want to attend? What vendors do you want to visit? Etc. The first time I went to one, I did not allow myself to buy anything the first day. I had to wait until day two so I could decide if it was something that would really work, or just sound good. :smile:

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I have never been to a homeschool convention before, but I received this message in my inbox this morning and thought I would pass it on :slight_smile: The Homeschool Minute

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I’ve only been to one, but I enjoyed getting to meet vendors and getting a hands on look at the curriculum. I didn’t attend any workshops, but I’d like to. I’m hoping to attend the Great Homeschool Convention in Ohio this next year.

I am definitely going to try to go next year! I think it will help alot to be able to actually look through books.