Homeschool Co-ops

How many of you are involved in a homeschool co-op? I am in a couple homeschool groups but not a co-op. I’ve been thinking about starting one on my own. Any advice?

This is our first year in an organized CO-OP. We love it!!! Our ages range from birth - high school. All parents (moms) must be involved in some way (ie. teaching a class, assisting a class, or chores and cleaning). The classes are age appropriate and the lessons have been fantastic… My ten year old is taking Lego Club, Nature, and Mad Science. My seven year old is taking Geography, Nature, and Art. My newly five year old is in the 4-5 class. I would say we have about 40 families enrolled in our CO-OP and there is a waiting list for next year. We meet at a local church on Fridays at 9am for worship and prayer. Then we have 3 sections of 1 hour classes along with a snack break and playing outside. The day is over at 12:30pm. Adding CO-OP to our homeschool schedule has been a huge blessing to our family. I highly encourage all homeschool families to join some type of co-op.


How do you find out about local co-ops? I know there are some around us, but I can’t seem to find them or their contact persons. Any ideas?

Co-Ops sound amazing!!! I do need to find if there are any going on in my city…Hopefully down the road God will want me to start one up!! So many ideas!!! But I only want Gods plans to be activated :smiley:

We have a great local co-op but its a conflict of scheduling for us, so we arent involved.
My DH said to me one day “isnt a co-op like school except with like minded individuals?” He is right…however it can offer things that I may not be able to. Those offerings come at a “cost”…financial, time, stress (mine and two of my kids have anxiety issues), so I believe even if it wasnt a scheduling conflict, we likely would not attend.

I just found a co op in our area and want to start participating next school year. Sound super fun and will be great socializing for the kids!!

We love our co-op. It gives the kids a chance to try new things out and have some “learning fun”. :smile:. This semester our kids are in Math games, Zumba, art, photography and Legos.


I really wish that my family could join our local co-op. I hear that it is big and always has exciting things going on. Unfortunately… we only have one vehicle and the co-op, obviously, only meets during the day leaving us unable to attend while my husband has the van for work. I wish there was a Saturday program of some sort. My kids are involved in church and girl/boy scouts but I think they could benefit from meeting with other homeschooled kids and joining in all of the different things that they do at co-op.

We have a couple co-ops in the area. Our main reason for joining was for our kiddo to be around other kids since she is an only child.

We joined a co-op this year and LOVE it. It is a great break in our week and we get to choose enrichment courses. There are quite a few where I live so I just googled homeschool co-ops. We visited in Feb/March and then submitted application to join. At our co-op the parents are the teachers. It’s great because each parent can teach what they are strongest at.

I agree with what #ekmoench said. It has been a huge blessing to our family.

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