Homemade Father's Day Ideas

I’m struggling to come up with a father’s day gift we can make at home. It needs to be something a toddler can help make and I don’t want to do something with hand or foot prints because I did that last year. I thought about making some sort of t-shirt, but can’t find an idea I really like. I found ideas for putting streets or railroads on the back of a shirt for kids to drive cars or trains on, but I’m not sure it would get worn much. Does anyone have any ideas?


I found tons and tons of ideas on Pinterest:)

Last year I had my kids fill out a page with stuff like: "What do you like to do with Dad?, How old do you think Dad is?, What does Dad do when he goes to work?, etc. It was cute, sweet, and funny and interesting to see different answers the kids gave. My hubby also loves to golf, so we’ve made him “hole in 1” cupcakes for Father’s day in the past. We don’t do anything real extravagant–just a little something to make the day special.