Home art studio supplies

I’m looking to purchase an art program for my 1st grader who loves art. I’ve seen quite a bit on The Home Art Studio, but wonder about the supply list. The website gives you a link to purchase the list at a ‘discounted’ price, but is that the best place to buy all the art supplies, or would a place like Hobby Lobby or Michaels be a cheaper option. The DVD itself seems fairly inexpensive, but when you add in all the supplies needed, it seems to get a bit pricey!

Our first year with the program, I purchased the materials from the website. This year, I purchased the items through Michael’s with coupons. The difference didn’t end up being too significant, but Michael’s was cheaper. I just used coupons and waited until the back to school sales to get the best prices possible. Next year, I plan on going through Michael’s again.