Home Art Studio for multiple kids question

Hi! Has anyone used a single grade Home Art Studio DVD for multiple kids? I’d like to use the 2nd grade DVD for my 2nd and 4th grader to use. I was also thinking about purchasing the entire “supplies kit” but wondered if there would be enough for two students. Has anyone purchased the complete supplies kit and would I need to get extra brushes, etc. for more than one student?

Also, I’m deciding between that, Artistic Impressions (love the artist connection, but not a fan of giving the lesson myself), and Deep Space Sparkle (love it but only 6 lessons?)
And I’m really confused on COAH Art Curriculum…is it a supplement to a Hands On Art program? Or are there projects detailed as well as art history?
Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @jenhere!
I am not familiar with all of the programs you’ve mentioned, only with Home Art Studio and Deep Space Sparkle.

We have used Home Art Studio with multiple ages and it works really well. My children sit in front of the TV and watch and pause the DVD as they work on their projects. They love it.

We have also used Deep Space Sparkle, in fact it was the first one we used. It has changed some since I have been on it some years ago but from what I remember she had a suggested list of materials for students and I bought just about everything listed from Blick Art: http://www.dickblick.com/ The only thing I bought one for each student was the watercolor tray as it is nice for them to be able to have their own of that. Everything else is shared.

Even though there are only about six lessons with each download you buy, I bought a few of those and we have not worked through them all yet. A lot of times we end up doing art in creative ways or from other sources as well. If you do, I would suggested just buying one to start with - buying as needed.

I hope this helps! :cherry_blossom:

Edited to add the an Art Supply List link: http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/art-supply-list/
There is also a download, which is what I used, for free:
Scroll down to Art Supplies for the Art Room and Add to Cart. It’s a free checkout. I really like this list! It’s a must have.