History Timeline

We don’t have a dedicated school room so there is not a whole lot of room for a timeline. However, we are a history-loving family and I really want the kids to be able to see how everything fits together over the course of time.

What is your favorite way to do a wall timeline for a small space or your favorite timeline book if you don’t hang one?

Do you feel like your children still get the chronological idea of events even if they have to turn the pages of a timeline notebook?

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We also love history, but I don’t have the space to put up a gigantic time line. I also don’t have the money to buy one of the popular fancy time line packages with the binder. I took a spiral notebook and broke wrote a time frame at the top of each page. I also precut a mound of different colored paper strips a few inches shorter than the height of the notebook paper. When we come to a date - 1776 for example - we get a paper strip - write the date/year on the strip as well as what was important - “1776 - Declaration of Independence” Then we locate the page with the correct date range - I assume the heading at the top of that particular page is 1700 - 1799 - then we find the approximate spot on our time line to tape/hang that paper strip. Because the paper strips are not wide, the writing is sideways when we hang the strip, but that is no problem. Hope that makes sense… I can always send you a picture. Anyway - it’s been a money saver and a space saver. I don’t believe my kids get it any less than they would if we had it hanging across the wall. Works for us :slight_smile:

I just bought The Himeschool In The Woods timeline figures that goes with Mystery of History. I took a big (3ft x 5ft) piece of cardboard and will make a timeline on that. We study history chronologically and the visual of the timeline helps my son. I plan on tucking it under a bed when not in use:)

We use the Book of Time from Sonlight with their Timeline figures (they actually come from Homeschool in the Woods).

My boys each have their own timeline book. They add to it every year as we travel through history.

My oldest son is in 12th grade this year and is still using his timeline book. What a wonderful keepsake it is…and will be.

I used poster border paper, and drew a timeline on the back. I started around the year 0, and marked it with a cross (although technically I guess the cross should be at the year 33 AD, but my kids are young so this made sense to them :relaxed:). I went all the way up to the present year, and put up tiny pictures of each kid to mark their birth year.

We put up a small picture of each explorer we study on the corresponding year. The kids seems to grasp it pretty well (3rd, 2nd, K).

Not the best pics, but you get the idea.