History Odyssey vs Story of the World?

We tried SotW a few years ago with minimal success. I think Brooke may have just been too young for it. I know some people substitute Mystery of History for SotW because it has a more clearly defined religious worldview. I am looking at History Odyssey which does use SotW as one of its books but seems a little more broad in scope.

Has anyone used Odyssey? If so, what did you like/not like about it?

I’ve used a combo of SotW and History Odyssey because there are things I like from both.
Pros for History Odyssey–I like that HO using SotW but over 36 weeks, whereas SotW has more than 36 chapters–not as easy to cover in 1 school year. I love the recommendations from HO using history pockets and history kits. I like the history notebook that is made over the year.
Pros for SoTW–I like using the narration questions from SotW. I preferred using the activity guide coloring pages, rather than purchasing the coloring books in HO. We enjoyed some of the games and activities in the SotW activity guide that weren’t mentioned in HO.
I liked picking and choosing from the literature selections from both HO and the SotW activity guide, finding what we could at the library.
I would recommend both together, using HO more as the plan to follow and then the SotW activity guide to supplement, picking and choosing what you want to add in. If I had to pick 1 though, I would pick HO since the plan is there.