History - Notgrass vs MOH

Hi - I am very interested in using Notgrass History, but I love the bible/history timeline of Mystery of History. Has anyone used Notgrass with a timeline that combines bible/history as the MOH one does? Any suggestions? Or any other timeline suggestions other than MOH? Thanks!

Hi! I came across your question and thought I could contribute. I’m John Notgrass with Notgrass History. We admire and appreciate Linda Hobar and her work in Mystery of History. It’s a great program!

Instead of following a four-year cycle through history, we took a different approach with Notgrass. Our one-year world history curriculum, From Adam to Us, places people and events from the Bible in their broader historical context while covering people and events from all over the world.

So the choice depends in large part on how long you want to spend covering world history. Neither one is right or wrong. You may even want to try both approaches during your homeschool years. :slight_smile:


Hi John! Thank you so much for your reply! I looked more into From Adam to Us and saw there is a timeline that comes with that too. Notgrass looks like an amazing program. Thank you!

Yes, From Adam to Us has a timeliine that students complete as they go through the course. Glad to help!