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History K-12 Family Learning

I’m not sure if this exists but I have a 6th grader, 4 yo, 2 yo, and one on the way. I want a History curriculum that is reusable for the little ones in a few years, that is of a Biblical view, can be learned as a family, and isn’t going to break the bank. Does this exist? I prefer a more living books/story-based/interesting way of learning.

The World’s Story (Masterbooks). It should be fine for the 6th grader–and y’all can read to the younger ones-lots of Bible. I am using it for my 7th and 8th graders because it is so Bible-focused.

[The World’s Story Volume 1: The Ancients: Angela O’Dell: 9781683440772 -]

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HI Jessia!

There are several curricula that meet your needs!
Master books
Beautiful feet Books
Mystery of History (you can adjust and listen to audio)
My fathers world
Heart of Dakota

You can also gather a book list for free online, and do a simple timeline or just notebook!
You can get Beautiful feet books teachers guide, and borrow the books from the library.

Ambelside online is a FREE curriculum.

You can also goto she has book lists and video lists or movies that go along with history. There is soo much you can do with History at those ages. Your older one can do a deeper dive into a person or event in history, make an art sketch, write a paper, act out a scene, do a speech…the list goes on! Youtube can be a wonderful place to find ideas as well.

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Thank you both so much!! Master Books was definitely on my list for writing style and just how enjoyable it is to look at.

Thank you for the suggestion on using the Beautiful Feet guide and checking out books! That’s the kind of thing I think I’m looking for. I was thinking of doing that with Simply Charlotte Mason but then I realized how many I would need to purchase from the website.

I’ve used Ambleside and Easy Peasy. Ambleside sometimes feels a bit too cumbersome and Easy Peasy too easy!

Please look at My Father’s World. We are going into our 8th year. Kinder and 1st are separate. Once a child starts 2nd grade, they hop into the “family cycle” with older siblings through 8th grade. (They have a computerized model on their website - you can enter your kids’ names and see how they go through the cycle together/separate). High School years are independent from the family. Christian Worldview. Can find it used to save $$. It is a very interesting way of learning history. They use multiple spines (toggle) to give a better/well-rounded story. For example, you may listen to Story of the World (We love the audio) and then do a page or two from Usborne (more info/visual/pictures). Then my favorite part, the Book Basket. Each week has a massive list of books. You can get these from the library and put them into a basket for the kids to look through or read. I like to keep at least one chapter book running at a time. Sometimes 2! We will read one in the mornings for together time before our basics (Math/LA) and save one for bedtime read. The living books and picture books, Book Basket recommendations, are Wonderful! They even have scheduled living books that come with the packages - love them all! I will say that running it “as written” was a little too much for my boys. That is another thing I love about MFW - flexibility! - You can pick/choose the parts that you want. We only use the Bible & History portions now. If you have time, take a look at it!

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