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History Curriculum Recommendation

Hi! I’m looking to try something different for History. Something more Charlotte Mason. I was looking at A Gentle Feast and Beautiful Feet. Any recommendations?

What History curriculum have you already used? I have been using Story of the World with my family and we have really enjoyed that.

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Gather Round Homeschool. I just discovered it and love it!

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We love the Beautiful feet books - you can also check their booklist & grab them at the library if you’re on a budget. We’re all about reading + discussion + notebooking. We hardly ever do formal projects (I have 4 kids ages 3-8 so it’s just not really in the cards for my season of life.)

We like Story of the world as a history spine & then we usually grab other picture books on the subject if kids are interested in a given chapter. I like the audio books for these pretty well too. If you’re feeling ambitious, they have an activity book. But again, you can also just do narration + copywork + notebooking/ simpler methods of retaining info besides projects :slight_smile:

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We have used several studies from Beautiful Feet and loved them all. If this is your first year homeschooling and you are comfortable with a loose guide, then it will be a wonderful time of reading aloud and enjoying a slower pace. That said, I did all the books as read alouds (I dont remember at what grade they assign them as readers), and we notebooked our way through the year. We did not do every single thing and picked and chose what we thought was interesting to us at the time. The notebooks are a keepsake to me now.

We have also used Story of the World which is popular and very easy to incorporate into your day as well. We used the audio version of the books and skipped most activites in the guide. We did do all of the maps and that was amazing to see my kids progress with their mapping skills. We also did all the narration questions verbally. We used videos and other books if we had time, or if I thought it was needed. SOTW is a feast of ideas and things to do, so it can be overwhelming if you are not comfortable culling things to fit your needs.

Remember the curriculum is a GUIDE ONLY. Dont be a slave to it :slight_smile:

Mystery of History is really fantastic.