High school science

Hello! I posted this in the high school forum that Erica created but I think I’m the only person over there :slight_smile:
I was starting to plan for my 8th graders next 5 years of school so I can make sure I have him on the right track for high school. I watched Erica’s High School Homeschool ECourse and I learned that they are required to have 2 science years of science labs. So, my question is: does Abeka high school level science (with lab kit) count towards that? Does BJUs video courses with lab kit? Anyone know?

Thank you!!

Hi! Yes, Abeka or BJU Press with Labs should count for your High School Science credits with/lab. Just make sure your kiddos are doing the labs :slight_smile: Colleges really stress that experience especially depending on what they’re major will be.

Hope that helps!

You may also want to check with perspective schools and see what their requirements are. I looked at what our local high school did and then also at several of the state schools (look at the “state flagship” school to see what the highest requirement generally is), and then also a few privates, just to get a feel for what schools in our region wanted. Our state schools wanted 3 sciences, and specifically required biology (even the local CC said the same here, for ease of transfer), but some only required 1 lab science, while the flagship wanted 2-4 and wanted 3-4 years of science. I found it helpful to just get a feel for different schools and their requirements and preferences. Happy Planning!

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Thank you both for your replies! I still haven’t decided. We’ve been doing Abeka and have done well but now I’m thinking the harder it gets they might need the videos and that is why I was thinking BJU. Ugh. Can’t they just stay cute and little a while longer :blush:

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