High School Resources

I’m asking this for an acquaintance so I don’t have much specific information. Any information you can give me will be great!
She has a sophomore - for whatever reason they are seriously considering homeschooling for the final 2 years of HS (I don’t know the reasoning: behavioral, academically behind or ahead, something else - not sure.) I don’t know yet if they want parent led instruction or online/disc form instruction. Add to that, I’m not sure if they want something secular or religious.
Question - what are your top go-to resources for a family considering HS homeschooling? What online curriculums do you suggest? What online guidelines (aside from state mandated guidelines) do you suggest? What accredited programs? Etc… any information you can give me to pass along to them as a starting point would be great. Thank you!

I’m in Washington state, to the best of my knowledge there is not an actual H.S. Diploma for homeschoolers, so when my daughter was a sophomore I enrolled her in Royal Academy. It is a online accredited school in Maine. She has an advisor, but I still have control over curriculum. They also offer online classes and work very well with kids that have IEPs. We use the same things we have all along; she uses MUS for math, Fix It Grammar, and a combination of things for history etc. There are several other accredited online schools that are economical NARHS.com is one that comes to mind.
I am thinking of trying some more online or streaming classes next year likely from Bright Ideas Academy, Compass Classroom, or Classical Academic Press.
Guest Hollow has some nice HS curriculum ideas especially in science.
Abeka has a detailed scope and sequence of all grades.
For a secular option I would try World Book.
Lee Binz is a H.S. Homeschool “advisor” she has an extensive website with tons of information. She also offers paid for services helping families to homeschool H.S.
Hope something here helps. Its a big jump at 10th grade. But totally doable.

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