High school help

Hi I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for high school fine arts, foreign lang he needs Spanish 2 and a good chemistry curriculum. We are switching from an online school and I need to know what curriculum will give high school credits.

Hi! I have a video coming up next Tuesday where I’m talking about what to do to prepare for homeschooling through high school. In the meantime, to answer your immediate questions, you’ll need to contact your local school district to find out graduation requirements so you can start planning your curriculum lineup based on those.

I also suggest contacting any prospective colleges to see what they’ll accept as credits as well as what their entrance requirements are. Combining your state graduation requirements along with college entrance requirements is a good place to start. Then you will build your curriculum backwards from there.

As far as curriculum that is accredited, unfortunately Rosetta Stone does NOT count for HS foreign lang. credit, but I believe Abeka and BJU press do offer foreign lang. accredited curriculum. For science, math, etc, you’ll need to contact your district again to make sure the curriculum you’re choosing will count for graduation credit requirements.

Hope that helps for now!

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