High School Art Credit

How often should a high schooler do art to get one credit? Would once a week be enough?

A high school credit is usually 120-180 hours (usually the lower number is used for non-academic courses, so you could go by that for art, and then 150-180 for academic courses). Doing art once a week for about 3.5 hours over 36 weeks would get the student to enough hours for a full credit.

When my dd did art, I had her earn half a credit. She did 2 8-week courses with an instructor (once a week for 2 hours each, so 32 hours of instruction and supervised work) and then another 60 hours of art at home (variety of hands-on and also learning techniques from you-tube videos).

With electives, it’s a good idea to have both the hands-on and instruction to help move their skills forward. HTH some!

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