Help with Literature Curriculum for 7th & 9th grade!

If we use Spelling You See (E for 7th grader & G for 9th grader), IEW (Group B for 7th Grader and Group C for 9th grader), and IEW Fix it! Grammar, what would be a good literature curriculum to round out their Language Arts as a whole?

We are currently using Monarch Online Curriculum for all subjects and would like to change up our Language Arts. This is not a strength of mine. In order for my daughter to get High School English Credit for each year would she need English 1, English 2, etc as a class along with the curriculum listed in the first paragraph?

So, any help, advice, or tips you can offer would be a huge blessing!

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Is IEW a part of the Monarch online curriculum?

No! I just feel like we need a little change in the grammar and writing areas. My son struggles and i feel like my daughter is losing her love to creatively write. So, wanting to make some changes but wanting to ensure i have covered all my basis for credit purposes as well.


IEW is Institute for Excellence in Writing Curriculum.

My 7th grader will be reading Black Ships Before Troy, Julius Caesar, The Odyssey, Fever 1793 and 1000 Cabinets for her read aloud book (we take turns reading aloud so she can develop read aloud confidence). Ive looked at and they can give summaries and quiz/test/essay ideas.

@PMitch Thank you so much for this! I think this is a great help. I specifically like the idea of sharing the read aloud responsibility. The website you mentioned isn’t working for me. =(

Sorry. Forgot the h.

Keep in mind, theres lots of free stuff. Thats what I use…the free stuff. But they also have a subscription but I havnt tried that. The free stuff is sufficient.

@PMitch Thank you so much for this information. What a great help. After reviewing the IEW Curriculum I am confident they will not be lacking in Literature. I will add in a few of these free ideas.