Help with COAH curriculum!

Im looking into buying the CD for Literature vol 1 and wanted to know if I have to buy the books (like the art set) or do I print each of the books? If I print the books myself are they in color or all black and white? Are the books all text or are there pictures? Thanks for any help. Im also interested in Worlds Greatest Artist and Road trip, if any one has reviews or comments

Hi Beth,

I can help with the first question…

The books do not come with the unit study, so you can either buy them or borrow them from the library.

Thank you for your help!

The description talks about the books being more age appropriate, how do I know Im purchasing the correct book that goes with this set?

For example in the Worlds greatest artist series it has a link to purchase the books, but for the literature I didnt see a link or even a picture of the book covers to know that I have found the right book?

If you go to a book store like Barnes and Noble, they have a section for the “classic starts” books.


I own Road Trip if you had questions about that. Most of the pages in it can be printed in black and white. There are a handful that I did in color. Supplemental books do not come with it.

Do you know how much space I need on my computer (Macbook pro) in order to download it all?

My computer says that it is 146,506 kb.


I have a question about road trip. Does each student need their own “book” of everything? I’m planning on doing road trip with my 6 boys next year, and wanted to know, after I buy the download if I can take it to kinkos and have each their own book printed, or is it not like that? Thanks!

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I am late on this, but you do need a student book for each of them, they also will each have a passport. I had everything done in b/w except the flags for each state, so that saved some money. I have 3 girls, so the printing can get expensive. It is worth it, great curriculum.

I think that should be fine. I wouldn’t say that they would ‘need’ to have a separate book. I guess it just depends on their personality. A lot of it is filling out these little books with info and gluing them in and coloring a page for each state. They also have a passport that you glue a picture of the state flag each time you study a state.