Help with a child against schooling

I need any tips or helpful advice with trying to get my ds who is 5 to sit down and do his school work. I work outside of the home for 3 hours in the morning, so we homeschool in the afternoon. It feels like a battle everyday and usually don’t start school until 4. Putting him in public school is not an option because our district is horrible. Thank you for your help.

@MCNUTT88 maybe try easing into a schedule…try just focusing on 1 subject for a week or 2. Then when your child is ok with that, try adding in another subject. Also remember, at 5, their attention spans are small;) start small and don’t require more then maybe 15-20 mins at a time. Maybe bring games in or an educational app to start with. Keep your schooling age appropriate. You can do it!!! If it’s on your heart to homeschool, you will figure it out❤️

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@MCNUTT88, I would like to second what @Luvmyboys stated. I have a wiggly 5 year old boy too! And although this is my 9th year homeschooling, he has been the most challenging to teach at this age. So needless to say good character growth opportunities for me!

Here are some things that I do:

Short lessons
Incorporating games to teach concepts so learning is equated with fun :smile:
If you are a Christian and use the Bible for parenting, there are helpful verses to share (even at 5 yrs old ).


My son is a Wiggly 8 year old. Some days we start the day with a “brain break”. I will usually have him run around out side or do a chore first. Other days I start with a short video clip, especially on the days that I can tell he’s not into school. I tell him, ok we are going to do our school work after you do…This helps his mind get ready for the day, no matter what time of day we start. I agree with the other posts, start small and give breaks often.
I also use a spirograph or give him Aaron’s thinking putty to keep him occupied while I’m reading to him.

I know Charlotte Mason style homeschooling suggests short, 15 minute lessons at this age. A lot of good, quality read alouds followed by narration, hands on projects and nature walks could break up the “desk” work of three R’s. I second incorporating games.
Perhaps you could begin your time together with something she really enjoys: art, walk, game, etc.
Next, 15 minutes of math (with the understanding you have a book to read to her after)
Reading time together on the couch or outside
Phonics lesson
These little lessons accomplish more, sometimes, than 1 hour at others.


I too have a strong willed 5 year old who doesn’t like school. He currently attends preschool for some learning delays (We begin homeschooling in the fall!!) and every morning it’s a huge fight to get him to go. If it something he doesn’t want to do then he flat out refuses to do it! It’s a constant struggle!

I love the idea of short lessons! I will be following this because I need all the help I can get!

I am currently a preschool teacher who will be resigning at the end of the school year to begin homeschooling our 7, 5 and 4 year olds. I can say without a doubt that most 5 year olds have lots of energy and need a frequent change of scenery. We change activities often and make sure to alternate activities that let them move and play with activities that require more focus and relative stillness. Be creative! Does he absolutely have to sit at a table to complete his work? Could he sit on your lap or a chair that swivels or an exercise ball that he can bounce and roll? Does he have to complete worksheets by writing the answers or would you be okay with him giving you the answers verbally? Find out why he doesn’t want to do school and see if it is something you can address. The great thing about this is that our home school can be whatever it needs to be to help our kids learn and grow to be lifelong learners!!!

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Thank you for all the help. We actually got through school today without a fuss and took him to the park as a reward. Our lessons are short bc we only school for 45mins to an hour total.I believe his main problem is always wanting to be outside and a lot of the time lately weather has been against us so we couldn’t do school outside. I’m thinking of different things to do.

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