HELP PLZ! Placement question

I am struggling with where to place my daughter next year. I know there are still 2 months left in the year, but I have started the placement tests for Lifepacs. My daughter comprehends most things at her grade level, except math. She is just a very slow reader (I think she is dyslexic like her dad and sister).
You all have experience, so I am wondering what you would do? Would you try to push through 3rd next year, or maybe do 2nd in math and LA?

Hi Jenny,

I would not push your daughter through. One of the great joys of homeschooling is that you can be accommodating to your child’s needs. In Pennsylvania we do not have to declare a grade for our children when filing with the schools. All we need to do is to list the school year (No grade)! This is such a blessing because you can have your daughter using 1st ,2nd, 3rd grade Math…whatever works best for her. Also, when we file out our objectives we do not have to list what materials we are going to use. All we need to to is to list the subject and then a brief summary on how we are going to teach that subject. I do not know how your state or school district works so I would know your states law.
On a final note; I do not know what Math you are planning on using but I would suggest Math U See. It has been great for my family. My Austic son will even as to watch the Math DVD (from start to finish).
Hope that helps.


If you can, I would place her right where she is with math and/or LA, independent of the other subjects. Even if that means half of second grade. Then try and get her to move forward as she is able.
However, with LA I have found that there is a lot of repetition and review (especially within the first month of lessons in a given curriculum) so if you think she can pick up quickly on it you could try to have her start in the next grade. If you have concerns, then start right where she is with her understanding and capabilities.


Thanks ladies! Your advice has been very helpful. I plan on placing her exactly where she is. I am still new to all this, and even though I have the placement tools, I just wasn’t sure.

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