Help me organize/create/design my homeschool space?

Ok. I’m calling on all you wonderful organizing Mamas. I’m really not good with interior flow, decorating or organizing. We’re turning our office into a homeschool/play room but I really can’t seem to get a vision for it. I feel like I have too much stuff in here already that needs to stay so I’m not sure how to make it work. I’m open to any and all ideas. My husband’s space, which is the double monitor area, will stay his. He works from home some so he still needs to work down here. The glass desk to the left of his space is where I was thinking I could put my 6 yr old for doing work.

The other picture of back in the corner is my space now. I have a computer, a big filing cabinet (which is empty now) and my keyboard. The keyboard is staying and I’ll need my computer to stay also.

I also hoped to give my 1.5 yr old a little space down here but I don’t see where I can do that. The other part of the room has a huge IKEA wardrobe that has office stuff in it, photography equipment etc. And then double doors that open to the laundry closet. Then the door that goes out to the garage.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you. I have looked at space on pinterest and yeah, they all look great but I can’t seem to translate it to my room. :smile:


What in the room is non-negotiable (besides the small desk with double monitor)?

Are there any pieces or types of furniture you were hoping to bring into the room? Like shelves for toys/school supplies, or any kid chairs, rugs. Sounds like most of the stuff you have is around the edges of the room, is the middle just open? Maybe instead of the desk for your 6 year old, you could take that and the filing cabinet out. Is there another place you can store the office supplies…somewhere in the laundry area?..then maybe that piece can be used to store toys/school supplies. We have a kids sized table and chairs in our playroom and it is in the middle that is useful and the kids use it for arts, and pretend play and driving cars…etc. Also is this space close to the dining area? When we do sitting activities…not very often…we just sit at the dining table. There is more space and we can spread out and I can sit next to the kids or move around the table to help them (as opposed to having a student desk) Those are some thoughts I have. Hope that helps.