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Help learning letters and numbers

Any tips on how to get my 5 year old to recognize letters and numbers. It’s been tuff and I dont want him to get discouraged and I know when things are fun he tends to want to learn and asks to do school earlier than usual, but the letters and numbers have been so trying and I just want him to succeed. If there are any activities we can do please let me know.

When my kiddos where younger they watch Leap Frog Letter Factory and they quickly learned their letters and sounds. I actually used all of the Leap Frog videos as a resource…kids loved them!


Hi Ashley,
We used all of our Letter of the Week materials to do that. I think repetition is KEY at that age, so the more he sees them the more he’ll recognize them. you can even quiz him randomly for example when reading books together ask him what letter it is on a certain word, or at the grocery store, or walking down the street you can ask things like “See that pretty tree? What letter do you think tree starts with?” etc. But really good old flashcards, games involving letters, coloring letters, painting letters, and just daily repetition of practicing them is what will get him to remember them :slight_smile: I have a lot of FREE letter of the week printables for each letter on my website if you don’t have the full curriculum:

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Thank you so much💜 I will definitely dive into this. I appreciate the material aswell🤗 I’m always looking for new ideas to keep it fun and keep him engaged