Help, IEP Curriculum?

Hi! I am new to all of this…so please bare with me!:blush: Does anyone know if there is a way to get free or sudsidized curriculum for a child that had an IEP in place in public school and is now homeschooled? Does the district help suply the curriculum that is geared toward his IEP?

You should check out
Or check with the well trained mind forums, they have a learning challenges board and they are very helpful!

Also google dyslexia and your state and some info should pop up. It all depends on the state and school district you live in.

Thank you Hannah! I will surley look into those suggestions!!

My son still gets therapies at our public school (speech, OT, etc). He has an IEP as well. He goes in 1 x a week for the therapies. Not sure what your district is like, but we live in Western Neb and the school has been a very good support for us (contrary to what I hear some experience). I haven’t yet asked if we can bring home any supports or curriculum like those big stretch bands for the bottom of his chair, but they might if I did. They allowed him to bring home some worksheets a few at a time to practice handwriting. I would just ask :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! This helps a lot!

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