Heart of Dakota

Does anyone here use this curriculum?
I am using Bigger this year with my 2nd and 4th graders. We have really been enjoying it. We are doing everything in the guide except math and English and only reading the science books, but not doing the science projects/notebooking. I had already bought Apologia astronomy before finding HOD. Honestly though, we are struggling with getting through the Apologia book.

 So my question going into next year is,  is the science in HOD enough or would we need to add on to it?  I'm just not crazy about apologia.   I've heard so many good comments about it,  but we're not really enjoying it.

We love HOD - this is our first year though and we’re using Little Hearts and Little Hands, with our 2 girls. Have you posted these questions on the Facebook group pages? Each guide has it’s own group and the people on it are very helpful and super involved. :slight_smile: Good luck - bless you!!! <3

No, I haven’t posted there yet. I should do that!

Are you doing kindergarten with little hands? I’m trying to decide on a kindergarten program for my 5 year old to do in the fall. Do you use everything in the package or a different reading program, math, etc.

We are using Little Hearts for Kindergarten (and spreading Little Hands out over ages 3.5 and 4). There is a gap year and Carrie (who writes HOD) is adding later high school guides (she is still writing them). We plan to spread the Beyond and Bigger guides (which come in order, after Little Hearts) over the next 3 years, starting this Fall - to make up for the gap year. :slight_smile: Love HOD!!! <3