Heart of dakota - for Florida?

Anyone using heart of Dakota in Florida? How do you work it out for your portfolio? Just received the catalog today.

If you don’t receive a response here, you might try their message board on the HOD website.

Yes, I use Heart of Dakota in Florida. We love it! Sometimes it can get a little pricey with all the books. But we have found some excellent books that I would not have found otherwise. As far as my portfolio there is lots to include. Each week there is a art or history project to do. There is writing assignments. I just collect any activity she does and keep it in her 3 ring binder. So, I am not exactly sure what you are looking for as far as an answer. But I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Do you use the spelling lists in the guide or your own spelling curriculum?

It depends on which book. Some years I used the list in the appendix and other years when it was not working well I used something else. Lately we have been using a free spelling program on online. I believe it is called Spelling Classroom. She likes doing more stuff on the computer now and it has games on it where she is working each day to spell the words on the list.