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Healthy snack Ideas for kids!


Hi everyone! I have a great post on healthy snack ideas for kids, but I wanted to see what you all serve for snack time in your house to get some new ideas!


I must tell you I LOVE you for this! Lol this is one area of struggle what kinds of snacks to feed the children everyday, simple and easy.
Do you have a post of lunches too?!
One more item for refrigerated snacks- olives My kids love em. :slight_smile:


What a great bunch of ideas! Our list is very similar to yours, but we also really enjoy popcorn as a treat, so I make sure to keep some of that on hand! Also, we really love animal crackers!


Currently we are eating a lot of frozen grapes during the hot hot summer but my kids like them year round. Also tiny dill pickles are a bit hit now too!