Health curriculum for 9th grade/high school

Any suggestions on a health curriculum for high schoolers?

We used Total Health for a semester credit. Pretty easy to use, and it’s a nice overview of a variety of topics. They have a junior high version as well.

I don’t mean this rude or snarky, it’s genuine curiosity… but why do so many people do a health class with their kids? I have seen it all the way from elementary to HS. I feel like that is just part of normal everyday life stuff you should teach your kids. What do these books cover that they wouldn’t learn just through life?

I understand where your coming from. I am researching it cause it is a high school requirement. As a parent we already do teach the basics like hygiene, diet, exercise, our bodies and so-on. However the curriculum covers more than that, which is kinda cool. Obviously, some curriculums cover more than others and some look at health in a biblical way and some don’t.

The curriculum I’m looking at is called Total Health: Choices for a winning lifestyle. You can look it up on and look at their table of contents😊


State requirements for many people I’m
sure. As a nurse I could go on and on about the general health information that the general public lacks in knowledge! :slight_smile: For my young elementary kids we certainly have discussions and family health habits that come naturally but I also buy books on certain topics to reinforce what we’ve talked about. For my junior high student & high schooers it is a state requirement to have a half credit of health education and I think there is a lot to learn within the topic of health that needs an in-depth look. This is my personal opinion! Others may have a student with a particular interest in health and wellness.

I agree with you. There have been a lot of things that just come up naturally and we address it too. For us it’s because it is a requirement for my soon-to-be high

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I got y’all. I never thought about it being required. We don’t have any regulations in Oklahoma (woo-hoo) so that never occurred to me. I agree the general public lacks a lot of knowledge. I am a sonographer so I feel like I am equipped to teach my kids what they need to know. Thanks for answering my question! :slight_smile:

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