Has Anyone Used Torchlighters?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has used the Torchlighters videos in their homeschool? I really like the idea, and the free teacher and student guides to go along with it make it a great option for character study, but I am nervous about the content (specifically mature themes). Online it is geared for 8-12 year olds, but has anyone used it for these ages and found it appropriate? Thanks in advance!

We didn’t use these as a curriculum but we do own these videos. My kids (8,6,3,&1) love them. They are very tame as far as seeing objectionable things. You see Jim Elliot get speared but other topics are handled gently especially about Amy Carmichael saving the temple children. It’s really a quality program and the worksheets are nice too
Hope this helps


@EmilyP Thank you so much for this information! You hit on exactly what I was concerned about, and I feel much better about adding them to our video library now! My children are 9, 7, and 4, and I was mostly concerned about my 7 year old (son), who is often frightened by scenes that are included in typical children’s shows (even those rated G). I also really appreciated the feedback about Amy Carmichael specifically. That was one synopsis I was wondering about from watching only the trailer for the video. I am excited to be using these in the upcoming year! Thank you again!!

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