Has anyone tried "Subtraction Facts that Work" or "Addition Facts That Work"?

If you’ve tried “Subtraction Facts that Work” or “Addition Facts That Work” what did you think? I have a more general math curriculum but need extra work on these and am wondering what people think of this.

I have both!!! Really great programs, easy to follow it’s all little games and she uses the ten frame. It’s been great for my kids and the visuals are super easy to see and kee in their memory. I’ll continue to use them for summer learning fun :slight_smile: plus Kate is really helpful if you ever need anything you can email her!!!

I’m curious, who is this by - do you have a link?

That’s awesome. Thank you! I asked on another forum too and based on what everyone said went ahead and bought them. Looking over the material, I’m thinking about teaching the addition and subtraction overlappin (like one week of addition and one week of corresponding subtraction). The reason is we have a lot of the addition facts memorized (and he understands conceptually some facts like the +0,+1, +9 facts. We’ve been working a lot on showing him the connection between the addition and subtraction facts lately (doing an addition problem on a magnet board and teaching him how to change it into a subtraction problem, and vice versus). I was thinking it may be helpful then to switch back and forth a little between addition and subtraction. I may write the author about that since you mention she answers e-mails, but since you’ve used both programs, what do you think about that idea?

Sure…here they are:

Addition Facts…

Subtraction Facts…


Thank you for the links! I was kind of hoping there was one for multiplication as well but didn’t see any. Thanks again.

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I’ve only used the addition, I have the subtraction ready to be used this summer…I think that would work perfectly though!!!

For multiplication I’ve seen a book on amazon, look for multiplication facts and it should come up. Also Usborne has some fun multiplication books!


Thanks for the links! I bought these on Amazon for over the summer. She has a really great tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyGhPDraRrw

Good luck! I’ll report back!

I got it and have started using it and so far I love it.

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Hi- I wanted to update this. We used it back to back, addition and then subtraction (one is 8 wks and one is 6 wks) from summer to early fall. It was amazing! It was just enough “fun” to make my son like math again. He was in public school last year and went from a kid that did math in his spare time for fun to hating it after all the homework. (ex. He had 51 sheets of homework over a 15 day period!!!) After deciding to homeschool, this was the first thing we tried over the summer to “unschool” his brain. Worked like a charm! I’d recommend!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everyone! Bought it soon after this conversation and have loved it!

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