Has anyone heard of Time4Learning?

Without giving too many details of my situation, let’s call her our “legal advisor” suggested we use “time4learning” which is a website primarily that is electronic based. (She doesn’t homeschool but had a friend suggest it) I don’t really feel like my son would benefit much from it. I want to PLAY with him. I want his learning experience at home to be fun and not something that’s strictly online. He’s physically disabled and writing is going to be very difficult. However cognitively he doesn’t have any struggles. I had finally chose the timberdoodle elite package and then she insisted this one (mainly because of cost). Any suggestions?

It’s been about 6 years, but Erica reviewed it on her blog.

I noticed she said that it’d be a good supplement to her core. I do agree with that but I can’t imagine having my 5 year old only working from a computer. I know how I feel about it, just hoping I can find someone to reassure me.

I have used it but just as enrichment. It fell into the light and fluffy category for us.

Do you HAVE to do what this person says or can you politely smile and thank her for the suggestion then do whatever you had planned? If she insists on an electronic source, how about k12? Not everything is on the computer.